Monday, May 30

My Feet are on Vacation

Dress - Francesca's, Wedges - Target

So I was going to tell you all about how I did negative laundry this weekend.  Yes, you read that right.  I would have been better off to have just avoid walking into the laundry room all together.  But instead I went in and just made a mess. Lesson learned avoid laundry at all costs.  Luckily that isn't much of a stretch for me.  This isn't my story for you though, don't worry I promise to keep it calm after that super exciting laundry debacle.  So here I am just sitting on the couch watching TV when Scott comes and sits down with a delicious plate of food.  Of course I instantly get jealous and start eating it all and asking for seconds, I mean how rude to not bring enough to share.  After his second run to the kitchen for my second helping of blondies, he leans over, tickles my feet and states "yup they still work."  I though it was so cute and funny that I almost got my butt up and got my own.  Almost.  I opted for begging and pouting instead.


  1. hahahaha i can so see you doing that :)

  2. the last photo is amazing! loving yellow at the minute, so really drawn to that photo! cute outfits!!
    Will be following ya!


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