Tuesday, May 10

Tea For Two

So I may not have been invited to the wedding (and I may be a week late with this) but I still celebrated.  Yes, waking up at 4 is considered celebrating to me.  Also eating cakes and cookies at this hour make the whole day a celebration, because having a sugar crash at your desk at 10 is tons of fun, and the only cure to that is eat more sugar.  My mom and I woke up early, drank tea, ate mini treats, wore tiaras and ohhed and ahhed at the pretty princess.  It was a great morning until I realized I was ready for bed and it wasn't even 8.  I guess being a princess is hard work.


  1. So much fun! My friends and I had a sleepover, but we chose sleep over making sweets. Sounds like you and your mom had fun!

  2. I too had a blast watching from 1am until 4. Then went to work! It was hard but well worth it. Looked like you and mom had a blast!


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