Tuesday, May 31


Sweater - Francesca's, Dress - Papaya, Shoes - Converse, Belt - H&M

I finally got around to watching The Romantics this weekend.  It has been on the netflix queue for sometime now, but just finally made it's way up to the very fickle number one spot.  I have such a hard time picking out which movie I want first.  I know I will get to all of them, but I just feel such pressure.  The same goes for watch instantly.  There are so many things that I want to watch, that I had no clue I ever wanted to watch.  Yet with so many choices I get confused and end up just tossing in Harry Potter instead of watching one of the numerous, new choices.  But still even with my terrible decision making skills, I still think netflix is the best thing since cupcakes.  I was never too impressed with sliced bread.

*I highly recommend The Romantics soundtrack, the movie... not so much.

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