Saturday, May 21


Tank - Target, Jeans - American Eagle, Wedges - Mia, Belt, Flower & Bangles - H&M

Last night kind of went like this:
6ish - home from work and extremely hungry
a few minutes later - decide we are going grocery shopping (date night was last night and we are not made of money, nor do we want to maintain date night behavior for two nights in a row)
a few minutes after that - start reading some magazines and making long phone calls to the bank
20 minutes later - still reading with added hunger complaints
about 7 - decide we are finally leaving
7:30 - actually leave
7:32 - "we didn't take outfit photos"
next 15 min - drive around looking for a place, while I complain about being so hungry
soon after - find a place...i secretly hate it
a turn around later - we find a blue wall...i love it.
a 5 minute photo sesh later - we finally make our way to the store
around 10 - FOOD!


  1. lovely background :) love your outfit!

  2. Love the blue wall! Such an incredible photo background, and it's perfect with all your blue. ;)

  3. this wall is awesome! and i love your outfit cait!

  4. That's like the best place ever for a photo shoot and it matches your top! Debbie


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