Sunday, May 1

A Closet Full

Blazer, Top & Flower - H&M, Jeans - Abercrombie, Shoes - Converse

It's a good thing I bought this blazer, or else I'm pretty sure I would be walking around naked half the time. You all probably think this is the only thing I own.  That I have a closet that resembles Doug Funny's.  Hangers and hangers filled with the same outfit.  You'd be wrong, he is way tidier than I am.  Hangers require too much effort, I just throw my matching outfits on the floor.


  1. I love the blazer paired with the distressed jeans. And you can't go wrong with converse shoes. I loved how you compared your closet to Doug Funny. It made me smile.

  2. I love this nautical blazer. And don't worry: when I buy something I love, I wear it to death!

  3. This blazer is adorable! I love how the stripes are vertical. You can wear it as much as you want. I won't say anything. ;)


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