Friday, September 24

Switch It Up

While going through my closet and dressers it became clearly apparent that I play favorites.  I have drawer upon drawer of tops, differing in shades, patterns and textures, and a pant collection that looks sad in comparison.  I do pride myself on having a lust worthy jean collection, but that is all, just jeans. There are a few cargos and black pants that get lost in the crowd but nothing fun.  I can detect the hostility my bottoms feel towards me and their above neighbors.  Luckily, I know just how to rectify this situation.  By mixing in pants and leggings in varying textures and patterns I can even out the score.  Pairing these new finds with simple shirts or even a complimenting pattern will update any look.  You could also try different cuts or fabrics if you're not yet sold on decorating your stems.  I am loving these floral and velvet pants, so I may need to make some extra space in my closet for some of these treats.
Coolest Girl in School Jeans, $64.99
Warehouse Bright Floral Wide Leg Trousers, $84.25
Minkpink Floral Velvet Leggings, $75.83
Blooming Corset Jumpsuit, $72

ASOS Velvet Peg Trousers, $64.03
Pa:nuu Velvet Leggings, $50.55
Sparkle & Fade Ruched Velvet Legging, $38


  1. Those velvet trousers are amazing.

    Love Grace.

  2. I know & I bet they would be so comfy. You can't beat it!



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