Tuesday, September 28

Put On a Pedestal

I love getting new jewelry, and since I am a complete sucker for anything cute and affordable I have acquired quite the collection of chains, bangles and danglers.  I seem to buy jewelry more than any other item, it gets you the biggest bang for your buck.  One $5 necklace could transform your jeans and tee into a cohesive outfit.  Since I hold such a deep reverence for these baubles, you  think I would show them atleast a little respect between their times of employment.  I show none.  I toss them on a dresser where they get tangled up, some even go missing for a few days in nearby piles of jewels.  This shameful behavior must stop and I have found the perfect (affordable!) solution.

1. Footed Glass Candy Dish, $10
2. Cupcake Pedestal Vanity Stand, $18
3. Glass Parlor Box, $12
4. Glass Facet Ring Dish Jewelry Stand, $8
*All available online at Urban Outfitters

Save time untangling your necklaces by hanging drawer knobs on your wall.  They are super afforadable and come in so many different designs.  Anthropologie has some that look amazing even before adorned with necklaces.  Your local hardware store would also have some, and you'd finally have a reason to willing visit Home Depot.

1. Bubbled Glass Knob, $8
2. Violette Knob, $8
3. Jewler's Knob, $6
4. Bauble Knob, $8
*All available online at Anthropologie

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