Wednesday, September 22

An Apple a Day

DKNY Be Delicious, $70 for 3.4oz

Being that today marks the official start of fall I have welcomed it with open arms, indulging in a celebratory sweet or two: a snitch of apple pie, apple doughnuts, pumpkin cake and I think I hear a carmel apple cider calling my name.  I also had a bowl of peppermint icecream, but that is neither here nor there.  Not only do I have an appetite for the flavors of fall I also crave the smell of fall.  I can't walk outside on a crisp, chilly day wearing my go to summer fragrance, Philosophy Amazing Grace, that would just feel wrong.  Same goes for my body wash, portable hand sanitizer, and car freshener.  This behavior may seem border line insane, but I find it necessary to get into the Autumn spirit.  During these chillier months I will take a leaf out of my mom's book, and relish the sweet, crisp aroma of apples.  She dons the scent all year round and smells amazing while doing so.  I guess the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree.  If apples aren't your thing I also love using Burberry Brit and Vera Wang Princess this time of year.  Vanilla is also a great go to scent for body wash and lotions.  It's light, warm scent will linger on your skin all day and provide a great backdrop for any other fragrance you may sptriz on later.  
Bath & Body Works Country Apple Body Splash
I tend to prefer body splash rather than perfume, I like that they are soft and not overpowering.  Bath & Body Works always seem to be having some kind of sale, so stock up and save.  I also get their body wash, hand sanitizer, soap, and room fresheners to complete my fall fragrance overload. 

What is your favorite scent for fall?

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