Wednesday, June 1

Shopping on My Mind

Tank & Sandals - Target, Skirt - Old Navy, Hat & Ring - Forever21

I have been looking for a paperbag skirt for what seems like ever.  Finally, I got sick of looking and not finding anything, so I just gave up.  Then when in Old Navy this past weekend I accidentally grabbed this purple skirt in the wrong size...3 sizes too large.  I noticed right as I was about to slip it on in the dressing room, but decided to just try it on anyways.  As it turns out, if you take a too big skirt and tie a tight bow around your waist, you will make the perfect paperbag skirt.  I swear it's like my mind works on its own and just chooses to inform me after all the plans are in motion.  Now if only it would think about things other than shopping. 


  1. Ah good idea! It looks great on yoU :)

  2. I've been on the hunt for a paperbag skirt forever too. When I stopped looking, I found them everywhere. lol. You look wonderful! =)

  3. I love finding oversized items that actually work better than the correct size! I hate looking for a particular piece because I never manage to find it when I do! Anyway, this outfit is a great one and the hat totally finished the look perfectly!

  4. That is a great idea and came out so stylishly! Love this fun and summery look! :-)


  5. I have that tank in coral and I love it - the teal is also beautiful! And yeah, thank goodness for the cuteness of paperbag waists so that lovely too-large bottoms don't go to, well, waste! ;)


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