Sunday, January 30

28, Locked In

Forever21, H&M, Forever21, Old Navy, H&M, H&M, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Forever21
American Eagle, Forever21, Old Navy
Old Navy, Old Navy, H&M, BB Dakota
H&M, AngelEyes
Old Navy, H&M, H&M, H&M
American Eagle, Gap, Gap
Steve Madden, Mia, Gap, 2 mystery shoes from Aldo
Here are my 30, well 28 pieces.   The other two are sitting on a shelf waiting for me to slid my tootsies in and hand over my hard, earned cash so as to make my home theirs.  Now all the rejected items in my closet are mad, or maybe they are secretly happy that they won't be treated poorly for a month.  Instead of ending up on the floor, getting spilled on and inevitably spending way too much time in the laundry room, they will remain warm and cozy hanging up in my closet.  Yes, they definitely got the better end of the stick.


  1. I really like your items, great use of color. Looking forward to seeing your remixing and your mysterious shoes.

  2. awesome, i can't wait to see all the combinations you come up with! you have some great pieces to work with.

  3. I like your colors. Love the bright blue with the black/white neutrals. Love the kitty shirt, too! You are going to have some great daily outfits!

  4. Great picks. Love the colors. Love this challenge

  5. I LOVE those Mia shoes - cute, and look comfy??

    Good picks! Let the fun begin (and continue for me, I'm on day 14)!

    meggy from chasing davies

  6. They are super comfy and they were under $20! Score!


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