Tuesday, February 1

The Bar is Set

Sweater - Old Navy, Top - H&M, Skirt - H&M, Belt - Urban Outfitters, Tights - Forever21, Shoes - Mia

Here's my first outfit, and I really like it.  Maybe a little too much.  My number one rule is never start out something too strong, because then people's expectations are too high.  It's like when my boyfriend gave me this super pretty necklace for our second anniversary and I was like SA-WEET! but also like bad move buddy, bad move.  You never set the bar too high.  Let's hope I can clear that bar and not have to limbo under it.  Because it wouldn't even be an impressive limbo bend, because the bar is that high.


  1. Oh you are too cute Cait. Love this. Great first outfit!

  2. Too cute!!! I love this first outfit.

  3. Love this first outfit. I'm jealous of your shoes!

  4. What a start! Love it, from head to toe. Onwards and upwards then...!

  5. i love the outfit! colors all go together! cute!

    yay to fellow remixer! :)

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