Friday, January 28

Tough Stuff

This weekend I will be getting together my 30 for 30 pieces.  Holy cow, this is hard!  I thought the difficult part was suppose to be remixing them into 30 different outfits (and no shopping), not picking them out.  I'm getting nervous since I am already having a hard time.  Hopefully this is the hump and it will be smooth sailing after this.  Here's to hoping.  I will post my pieces either tomorrow night or Sunday, gotta get some last minute shopping in.  I swear someone will have to drag me out of the stores on Monday at 11:59.  I need to learn self-restraint.  I have three days, so I am sure that is enough time to change my ways, easy-peasy.

1 comment:

  1. I bought way too much new stuff for this 30 for 30, which I think goes against the basic principles of 30 for 30. Ooops. Good luck!


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