Friday, December 31

Caity aka Promise Keeper

Top - Forever21, Vest - Free People, Jeans - American Eagle, Belt - American Eagle, Shoes - Gap, Umbrella - Target

Along with the champagne, noise makers, and party hats, new years bring along a lot of unkept promises.  Of course I'm talking about all those resolutions we make and never keep for longer than a week.  Like the rest of America, I have always promised myself that I would start exercising and eating healthy.  Let's be real, this will not happen.  I prefer cake over carrots and you would be more likely to find me on the couch then the gym.  In fact it would be foolish of you to look for me in a gym or in the carrot aisle.  This year I'm breaking the habit and am making doable resolutions that actually fit me.  Crazy idea?  I thought so too.

1. Keep my room at a manageable mess level.  *Note - This does not mean a three item deep layer across the floor with only a winding walking path to the door.

2. Learn to sew.  My mom got me a sewing machine for Christmas and I am determined to learn how to use it.  Sewing and I haven't meshed in the past, but I think 2011 will mark the beginning of an inseparable bond.

3. Speaking of using Christmas gifts, I will also start baking some mini cupcakes.  I received two mini cupcake makers from the two people who know me best, talk about a good Christmas!  I don't promise to become the next fashion blogging Julia Child but I do promise to fill my belly with as many mini cupcakes as possible.

I feel confident about keeping my new years resolutions, because they are something I want to do.  Happy New Years and may your resolutions make you happy and healthy.  Hey, mini cupcakes are healthier than the big ones.
Hat - Topshop

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