Saturday, January 1

Identity Crisis

Shirt - Target (Liberty of London), Jeans - American Eagle, Boots - Target, Earrings - Lia Sophia

Bag - Coach
January is suppose to be cold and icy.  The weather should be so miserable that sitting at home by the fire is the only smart idea.  2011's January obviously missed this memo.  It was so nice out today.  Warm enough that I didn't even get goose bumps when taking these photos, and my skin is goose bump prone.  *And I even saw a man wearing shorts.  Today we ventured out to a nearby park to take pictures, and it was so fun.  I think I am starting to get the hang of this picture taking thing.  Posing is way more difficult and goofy feeling then it seems.  My favorite shots are still the shoe ones, but I feel this will change soon.  If not get ready for pictures of all my shoes, socks, and toe nail polish.  Maybe then I can count pedicures as a "business" expense.

*Note - It was most definitely NOT warm enough for shorts, but I guess he just wanted to get sick so then he could have an excuse to sit by the fire and watch movies.  See what warm January's do to us, they make us crazy.


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog girl!!

    very cute boots!! :)

  2. Hello dear! Thanks for your very sweet comment :) I totally agree... dresses can be way comfier than jeans sometimes haha. Anyways, I love your top! So colorful and pretty.

    xx Bonnie

  3. I have those same boots, but I always struggle with how to style them. They look really cute!

  4. Love the top, such a fresh print and color!


  5. Aren't AE jeans the best?? I love them. And I love your boots! You can't go wrong with leather brown boots!:)

  6. this outfit is adorable! love the liberty top!! thanks for stopping by my blog!


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