Thursday, December 30


Today was spent in the car driving to Chicago, visiting for about an hour and then heading back home.  It was exhausting.  And if that wasn't bad enough, I had to be in a suit the ENTIRE time!  I am actually amazed I kept it on the whole ride.  I normally make it a strict rule to only wear sweats on car rides over one hour.  But I persevered and wore it all day with heels, and only complained minimally while doing so.  Someone may disagree with me on this last part, but luckily he doesn't have a blog to tell you his take on the matter.  Before today I could confidently say that I disliked suits greatly, after today I am bordering on severely dislike and hate.  They fit weird and look so stiff.  I think I'm giving up on them, but if anyone has any suggestions I would love the help. Even though the suit put a damper on my day, my night has been perfect with some Scrabble playing and Top Chef watching.  Now I need to go catch some zzz's so I am wide awake to ring in the new year tomorrow.

I may have lost, but I lost graciously.

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