Wednesday, June 15


Tank - Target, Skirt - H&M, Cardigan & Shoes - Forever21, Belt - Ruche

Tonight was rainy and I was tired and hungry (a deadly combination) and my camera died, so indoor, grainy iphone pictures is what's on the menu.  I am well feed now and I've had some iced mocha to combat the sleepiness.  I know sleep probably would've been the smarter choice, but who has time for that.  I got a blog to write and some Rita Rocks to watch.  Some real tough business getting done over here.

Check out EBEW to see the lace challenge.  The lace in my belt is very minimal, but hey this girl can only handle one challenge at a time.


  1. I kind of love your brogues right now.
    i bought shiny black ones and can never pull them off right. you look lovely!

  2. This outfit is really lovely! So pretty and feminine and perfect. :)

    <3 The Daily Dani


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