Wednesday, February 9

Pinkie Wrestling Champ

Blazer - H&M, Top & Belt - Forever21, Pants - Gap, Wedges - Aldo

I was mid workout when I remembered I still had pictures to take.  Luckily I don't own workout clothes, so I just make do with what I've got.  It's not that this outfit is unacceptable for working out (it is), it's that working out is unacceptable for me.  Seriously I am SO out of shape.  Last weekend the boy and I played Dicecapades (super fun game!) and one of my challenges was to roll the die and do that many sit-ups.  I rolled a 9 and about died doing these sit-ups, I had to take 2 breaks.  I know, it's sad.  But later that night we read some yahoo questions, honestly this is some of the best entertainment ever, and someone asked how to work out their pinkie finger.  I instantly felt better, my pinkies have been strong for quite some time now.  I can easily do 9 sit-ups.  On my left and right hand.


  1. Hahaha you are crazy to think you are out of shape. Hey at least you have workout equipment handy. :)

  2. LOVE the spots & stripes, you look adorable!!

  3. stripes and spots! you look awesome :)
    i love that you take it next to the workout machine. look at you multi-tasker you :D

    i can't do sit-ups. i just can't.

  4. Nice mix of dots and stripes. Love it!

    By the way... You've got two awards from me as I enjoy your blog. Congratulations! Check the awards and rules at:

  5. What a fun blazer! The combo of stripes and dots is fun, too!
    Work it lady...I've seen people wear jeggings at the gym. This can't be much worse for a workout outfit :)
    The Auspicious Life


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