Friday, February 4

The Indoors are Indeed Great

Jacket - BB Dakota, Jeans - American Eagle, Boots - Steve Madden, Belt - local boutique, Purse - Target

I know pictures look so pretty in the great outdoors, but when it's this cold sometimes it is better to venture on inside.  We had a few extra minutes before our movie started (No Strings Attached, not that great) and wanted to get the picture taking out of the way so that the rest of our day was free time.  I know we live difficult lives, don't judge.  The Great Indoors was the perfect pit stop for a photo shoot.  You would think a store would be pretty people-free at one in the afternoon, this seemed the case when we walked in.  When we were taking pictures though, not so much.  Shoppers flock to the flash.  We made up a back story though, just in case shoppers got curious.  "We're talking pictures of things my mom might want to buy."  Because we are obviously not old enough to buy furniture by the looks on the clerks' faces.  I also am not old enough to see a rated R movie apparently.  That's right, I was carded.  At the movies.  Must be that new wrinkle cream I've been using.  Yes, that's it


  1. great idea scarf as a belt! Fun pics in the furniture store!

  2. I'm taking pics indoor until the weather is a consistent 50 degrees. :)


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