Tuesday, January 11

She's Got Her Nose in a Book

Top - Forever21, Tank - American Eagle, Pants - Gap, Heels - H&M

Today we went to the library to take pictures.  Me and libraries get along well.  I worked at one throughout college and I love diving into a good book, especially if the book begins with a Harry and ends with a Potter.  I read other books too, I just always find myself venturing back to these worn out spins or I guess now a glossy new kindle.  I have a Gryffindor pendant on my wall and a full out crush on Ronald Weasley, so yes I am a devoted fan.  Before my boyfriend meet me he knew nothing about Harry Potter, oh how things have changed.  I am still the number one fan in this relationship but he has his moments, and boy do they make me smile.

- At breakfast while pouring creamer into his coffee, "it looks like a dementors cape floating"
- Whenever I'm moody, "what's wrong Mad Eye"
- When I say quit it, "what about quidditch"
- And my all time favorite, his perfect impersonation of Dobby's "Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts"

Yea, he's pretty awesome.


  1. thats too funny! my husband and i LOVE harry potter!

  2. I love the books, he loves the movies. He refuses to read the books, I only like the movies because of Rupert Grint. It's pretty even around my house!

  3. LOVE those red pants! and i love the fact that it matches your shoes and lips even more. i am also a harry potter fan and wish my boyfriend would get into it!

  4. harry potter is just the greatest! and i like your outfit, especially the red pants! lovely.


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