Monday, January 10


Top - Urban Outfitters, Vest and Earrings- H&M, Jeans - Small Town, Flats - Gap

I have a very bad case of writer's block today.  Maybe it's because I have been forced into watching sports for the past two hours or maybe it's because I wasted my days worth of writing on the cover letter I just churned out, either way I'm blank.  I do remember suffering fake writer's block quite a bit in college, but that was fake so it's a bit different.  I heard the antidote to writer's block is a strict regimen of no sports and tons of candy.  What you haven't heard of that?  You better switch doctors and fast.


  1. very cute!! :)

  2. i love your ballet flats! and as for writer's block... hmmm, i usually don't write anything if i don't feel like it. i relax with a good book instead. :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. Really cute outfit, I love your earrings :)

    Love, Vanilla


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