Sunday, January 23


Tank & Skirt - Forever21, Chambray Shirt - American Eagle, Tights - Old Navy, Shoes - Gap, Flower - Bath & Body Works (holiday gift tag) 

I used to follow fashion rules.  Don't wear white after Labor Day, don't wear velvet after Christmas and don't wear sequins after New Years.  Yea, that's right, I just made those last two just so I could go ahead and break them.  Be scared, I am a major daredevil.  I am a rule breaker, or maybe more like a rule stretcher.  For work I have to follow an all black dress code.  A black top and bottom must be worn, at first I followed this strictly wearing very little color covered up completely by a black cardi or jacket.  Now I push this rule to its very limits, as seen here.  This all black rule is starting to scare me for the 30 for 30 challenge.  As for working in the mall; how do you not shop when you work in a mall.  To quote my friend today, "Caity you cannot go a month without shopping?"  Straight and to the point, scary stuff.


  1. you're like a different girl than the one i lived with 4 years ago. love your style caiters!

  2. I hope that's a good thing! Thanks Caitlyn!

  3. absolutely a good thing! haha


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