Thursday, December 16


Dress - Chupi, Belt - BCBG, Scarf - Target, Tights - Forever21, Shoes - Target (ballet flats, not seen)

This weekend my boyfriend graduated from college (woo hoo!), and now we are both college graduates and I am finally starting to feel like a grown-up.  I have been in denial that I am an adult, sometimes I don't even feel like I'm a teenager.  I am 22 so that is probably a problem.  But lately I am sensing a change. Some things I do just seem so grown-up, and I feel so proud of myself.  And then the other things (the fun ones) bring me back down to little kid level.  

My Grown-up Activities
1. I dress up for work, I even wear heels sometimes.
2. My eyeliner is suddenly going on straighter and my hair is starting to do a do.
3. I have a savings account.
4. I have a Netflix account (somehow this feels grown-up)
5. My boyfriend and I are sending out a joint Christmas "greeting"

1. My dress up clothes include tutus and giant bows.
2. My eyeliner typically has glitter in it and I sometimes tie pom poms in my hair.
3. I dream of spending it on more tutus and bows and maybe even a puppy.
4. Every Disney series is on my instant queue.
5. It's us signing Jingle Bells with our voice auto-tuned sent out via text message.

That was a very short lived case of the grown-ups, I'm glad that's over.

Sweater - Simply Vera Wang, Top - Forever 21 (pajama romper), Skirt - Forever21, Tights - Forever21, Boots - Madden Girl


  1. love love love the dress you wore to scotts graduation....amazing!

    and the skirt from forever!!

  2. Thanks Caitlyn!! I got the dress in Ireland!

  3. I really love that cardigan! I've been trying to find one just like it for so long!

  4. tutus and bows are my FAVORITE!

    especially when the tutus are just grown up enough that you dont look like a three year old and that way you can wear them without getting weird looks!


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