Friday, December 17

Choosing The Road Well Styled

Top - Forever21, Skirt - H&M, Belt - Forever21, Tights - Charlotte Russe

Since starting a blog I have become a different dresser and a different shopper.  I have always liked things that were a little different and had their own charm, but I never put them together just right.  A necklace was needed, a belt was missing, tights were longing to be slipped on over my pasty stems, the glue that would have brought everything together was MIA.  This past summer and fall and now winter I have had more extra time on my hands then ever before, graduating and having a part time job is to blame, and I had no idea what to fill it with.  I became obsessed with reading fashion blogs and seeing all the different ideas they came up with.  Whether it was wrapping a scarf a certain way or looping a belt another I became enthralled.  I took their inspiration and then started coming up with my own new fresh looks for my old wardrobe.  And it was better than shopping.  No longer do I just wear jeans with a tee.  I now layer, dazzle, wrap, and repeat until I'm satisfied with the look.  It has been a fun journey so far and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

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