Wednesday, December 1

The Floaty Knight

I am not a huge Batman fan, but I sure would be willing to borrow that cape of his.  Batwings sleeves literally (okay maybe not literally) have me drooling.  I love the flowyness they lend to tops and the whimsical air they bring to any outfit.  These tops will bring me one step closer to being able to fly through the skies.  The only super power that would top flying is the one where you can shoot hundreds out of your fingertips, think of all the clothes and delectables you could buy then!  Until that time though I guess I just have to stick with these floaty sleeved tops and hope for some strong winds to whisk me away.

Mink Pink Sundays Best Lace Cape $108, Mink Pink Blackout Batwing Dress $70,  Cheap Monday Cape Sleeve Dress $70
All can be found at Nasty Gal


  1. i'm liking that lace cape!

  2. oh drooling over the lace cape! i may have to actually own that one. amazing find!!


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