Sunday, September 12

Dress Up

I recently changed my shopping approach.  I use to go for any piece that fit my particular style that moment, whether it be boho-chic, grunge glam, or ultra fem.  I'd make my purchase, get home, be happy for a day and then be let down because it didn't go with anything else I owned.  I would then promise myself that next time I shop I will look for the pieces that will turn my previous lone purchase into an outfit.  Of course that never happened because I'd eye a new peasant top or pink, frilly skirt I just had to have, and the cycle would continue.  This behavior was unexceptable and I knew it needed to change.  I now come home triumphant with pieces that will find a nice, new home in my wardrobe being with their complimenting kin.  With this sentiment in mind from now on when I find something I just have to have I will also find something I can wear it with.
 My lone piece...

Forever 21 Vintage Floral Pants, $34

paired with this
Alternative Sam Concave Hem Tee, $24

and these
ASOS HENLEY Elastic Detail Wedge, $60.66

Optional Accessories
Oasis Fabric Pom Pom Flower Stud Earrings
Asos Skinny Bracelet With Skull-Charm
Asos Stretch Vintage Style Leaf Hairband
Asos Premium Feather Vintage Chain Handle Bag

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