Monday, January 9


Top - Old Navy, Pants - Gap, Shoes - Francesca's, Bracelet - vintage (from my mom)

I have become so dependent on these pants.  When I first bought them about a year ago I was so nervous that I would never wear them, Scott quickly got me over my nerves and I bought them.  Now I wear them once a week, twice if I can't find clean tights (which is more often than I'd like to admit).  They surprisingly go with everything, are super comfy and easy to spot in a mess.*  I think it's about time I get another color pant, any suggestions?

* Hopefully I keep my New Year's resolution and don't have to rely on bright colors to spot my clothes.


  1. I need these shoes! They aren't on the website!

  2. I actually got them on like a super, super sale and they were the last pair (and a half size too small) Check ruche they had them as well!

  3. Baby girl all grown up! Love ya! G-ma xoxoxoxoxo


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