Wednesday, December 7

When Scott Trumped Ron

Our trip to Florida was probably (it definitely was) the best few days of my life.  As if it wasn't enough to walk through Hogwarts, drink a chilled butterbeer, or enjoy a piping hot breakfast in the Three Broomsticks, the cast was there!  Including my book crush Ron Weasley!  Luckily, I have an awesome boyfriend fiance who has the most impeccable timing when it comes to stalking down Harry Potter stars.  And he is tall, which is crucial for scoring pictures.  We spent two whole days exploring Universal, riding an enchanted bench with the trio, coasting along with Buckbeak and competing in the Dragon Challenge.  On our last day we went to a Q&A with some of the Weasley family which was just about the coolest thing that had ever happened in my life for about 12 hours.  In my head I was thinking nothing is EVER going to top this.  But, just as I was getting ready the next morning I got asked the most exciting question ever.  And I said yes!

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  1. my friend needs to be friends with you. she is in love with hp and has been dying to go to florida for this!

    congrats on your engagement!


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