Monday, September 5

Long Weekend

Sweater - Old Navy, Top - Romeo & Juliet Couture, Jeans & Belt - American Eagle, Boots - Macy's, Bows - Forever21, Pin - thrifted

Four day weekends are just about the best thing in the entire world.  Well, besides 5 day weekends and so forth, but you get my drift.  The only downside is the night before you have to start back up again, so right now.  My body is on vacation mode, it needs more play time and sleeping in. We had a playful puppy weekend over here.  Lots of tug of war, walks outside and daytime naps.  So pretty much exactly what I did before the puppy

I can't help myself.

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  1. Those sunflowers are HUGE! That pin is SO cute! That puppy is adorable! Okay, and now I am done with the random, yet true, exclamations. :)


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