Tuesday, July 12

Balloons & Owls

Skirt & Flower - H&M, Top (dress) - Francesca's, Shoes - Payless, Purse - Target, Bracelets - Harry Potter SillyBands

Today was not my day.  My hair wasn't listening, my skirt wouldn't lay flat and my mind was about 2 steps behind at all times.  It's like I slept through Monday and I was just waking up today, which could be possible.  Luckily my day got better once I got home from work, isn't that always the case.  How did my day get better?  Well I'm glad you asked.  I stopped at the store and bought all the sweets my body could possibly feel like eating in the next 48 hours.  Does the trick every time.

Wondering what I did with the balloons?

I found the idea here and just had to try it myself.

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  1. sorry you had a bad day!!! i love those pics though - super cute! i want to take pics with balloons! and i love what you did with them afterward. cute outfit, too!

    caroline - pictures & words


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