Friday, June 10

Dear Readers,

Top & Flower - H&M, Jeans - Gap, Bracelet - Vintage

Sometimes I wonder how readers are getting to my blog, especially when their goggle searches should definitely take them elsewhere.  Like whoever searched for "hot girls in short skirts", I am sure this blog is not what you were hoping to stumble upon.  Or the lucky reader who searched "google" and ended up here, I haven't yet launched my search engine but give me time, maybe between an outfit change I can fancy one up. But the creme de la creme of searches that some how wound up in my little corner of the internet is "the wizarding world of harry potter".  Are you trying to melt my heart?  I am thinking of throwing myself a party to celebrate.  Where I will invite you and Mr. Potter to let us in on all the magic.  So thank you reader, for making my day.  Or to be a bit more month.


  1. loving the 70's vibe! cool pants!

  2. 2 things - 1. these pants are GREAT! 2. I LOVE that shirt! The colors, the wide stripes, so good :) Great outfit!


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