Monday, February 7


Sweater & Top - Old Navy, Pants - Gap, Belt - thrifted, Shoes - Aldo

First days usually teach you a lot.  And today I learned a few very important lessons.  I just wish I would have  known these things (and practiced them) prior to today.
- I cannot drive in heels.  At all.  I need driving shoes.
-Never ever ever walk through 4 inches of snows in your brand new heels.  The snow will melt into freezing cold water and hurt your feet and then your shoes will turn your toes black.
-Trust your GPS, it knows best.  Your "short cut" will not work, and nobody is looking for a long cut.
-Ice is slippery, especially in new heels.

Tomorrow will be an easier morning.

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  1. Those shoes are awesome! Sorry you had a rough day, but you look great!


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