Monday, February 14

Happy Hearts!

Cardigan - Old Navy, Tank & Skirt - H&M, Tights - Target, Booties - you know, Glasses - Harry Potter's, Belt - BCBG

When you live in my wardrobe (which luckily none of you do), Caityville, population: too overcrowded to take a proper census, you quickly learn that the mayor (moi) plays favorites.  I know as a government official (am I taking this a little too far) that I shouldn't, but I do.  Now don't go feeling too bad for the overlooked, they had their time to shine and it will come again, but right now they are on the back burner.  What's on the front burner you ask?  These booties, these brown heelsthis blazer and this belt.  Oh, and this scarf!  You will be seeing these long after the 30 for 30, so prepare yourself.

*Yes, I am wearing Harry Potter glasses.  When it's just us girls at home (my mom and I) we really go crazy.
**Valentine Outfit Numero 2.
***Happy Valentine's Day, now go finish eating your chocolates!

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