Monday, February 14

Casual Friday

Top - Forever21, Jeans & Belt - American Eagle, Flats - Gap, Necklace - Urban Outfitters

It was Casual Friday at work.  A true work holiday that I am now a part of.  Now, me and jeans go way back and we have been good buds for quite some time, but I think we are starting to drift apart.  In the past I have treated my jeans as a safe haven.  They match everything, they're comfy, they're easy, this is why we love jeans, right?  But really they are no easier than skirts or dress pants for that matter.  Definitely not easier than a dress, HELLO, you only need one piece for a dress, no mix and matching whatsoever!  And yea, they are easy to match, but nothing I own is really hard to match up.  So what was my fixation on jeans all about?  Well lucky for you (and me) I have come up with a diagnoses, laziness.  I was too lazy to come up with anything else.  Good thing I don't plan on getting rid of the laziness anytime soon, cause this girl has got a lot of jeans.  Now don't get me wrong, I still love jeans, we just aren't exclusive anymore.

*Like the necklace?  I saw Kendi's "B" necklace on Kendi Everyday and fell in love with it.  I got this one for Christmas and love having my "S" close to my heart.


  1. cute shirt!
    and i love the necklace!


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