Thursday, December 23

The All Knowing Camera

What's missing??

Shirt - Forever21, Vest - Old Navy, Scarf - borrowed (mom), Belt - BCBG, Jeans - American Eagle
It's laundry day for me, which means I have heaps and heaps of laundry to do and I'm not doing it.  It is now almost 8, and I haven't started.  I will soon, I promise.  Since my go to's are in line for a washing I had to resort to something new.  So I put on this shirt and vest and headed downstairs.  I wasn't sure about this outfit, so I thought a second opinion (my camera) would help.  The camera definitely came through for me, I owe it one.  Something was missing in my first outfit and I knew it, I just didn't know what.  After seeing the picture I knew right away...a belt!  Thank you camera, I will return the favor by letting you know when you're looking a little too flashy.

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  1. i totally have this vest, but my dog chewed it up! lol so i never got the chance to wear it. i like the belt!


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