Tuesday, September 14

More Dessert Please

Sometimes there is nothing better than a frosted, sprinkled cupcake or a hot fudge sundae.  I look forward to these treats throughout my meal and just can't wait to dig in.  It was no surpirse then that I fell in love with dessert inspired jewelry.  Some may think these silver plated sweet treats are childish and tacky, but I think they are charmingly chic.  They add a whimsical air to any outfit and bring back memories of wearing candy necklaces and ring pops without leaving behind the sticky residue.
Juicy Couture Wish Cupcake Necklace
http://www.juicycouture.com/, $48

Forever 21 Cupcake Necklace, $5.80
Perry Olsen Cupcake Charm Sreling Silver Necklace, $24.99
Sterling Silver Pink Cupcake Necklace Pendant, $44.99


'Baby Ice' Enamel Ice Cream Charm Necklace
http://www.madebymewithlove.com/, $8.51 (converted)
Fudgsicle Charm, $5.99
Femme Matale Jewelry Ice Cream Cone Charm, $46


Laura Tabor 'Sweet' Tag on a Sweetie Bracelet
http://www.asos.com/, $92.68

Juicy Couture Taffy Charm, $42
Sweet Pink Chocolate Ring, $8

And if you want to show even more love for your favorite sweet treat.
1/2 oz. Cologne Purse Spray
http://www.demeterfragrance.com/, $10


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